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Citibabes + Giftbar = THE PERFECT GIFT

Citibabes and Giftbar have teamed up to offer you custom gift certificates delivered directly to your email, iPad, iPhone, and mobile phone.

Give someone that slight hint and send them to the Giftbar website where they can purchase online gift certificates for you to use at Citibabes!

Introducing Junior's Fresh -- Farm fresh food for your child

The Junior's Fresh mission is to give parents a fresh option when it comes to food for your child. All food in our cafe is hand-crafted, locally sourced, farm fresh food for the 0-5 set at a price point all families can appreciate.

Farm fresh means more nutrients, less carbon footprint and your kids will absolutely love it!

CitiSchool 2014/2015 Enrollment

Our goal is to provide a nurturing and dynamic environment that fosters imagination, curiosity and self-confidence in young children. Our classes promote cognitive, creative and social development through play, exploration and autonomous expression. This builds a solid foundation and love of learning. Enroll your child today! 

Back to School Party with Bubble

Join us for arts & crafts, cooking, with Bubble, raffle prizes, a concert in the playground and fun! The Bubble Foundation is a charitable organization that provides nutrtion and fitness education to schools in underserved communities.

September 27th 10 a.m - 1 p.m Cost is $20. Please RSVP to or call at 212.334.5440


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