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Cancer Fear Hope. The Scarlett Fund

Cancer.  For weeks, a word that I could not say in the same sentence as my 7 year old daughter, Scarlett's name.  Fear.  The best word to describe how I felt about cancer.  Fear of the death of a child.  Fear of the intense treatment, the painful procedures and the uncertain future.  ROAR.  The word that inspires us to fight to return Scarlett to a healthy, happy and carefree childhood she deserves.
Research.  We have learned that pediatric cancer research is drastically under researched, underfunded and rarely discussed.  It is estimated that for every dollar the U.S. government spends on cancer research, only 4 cents goes towards pediatric cancer research.  A lack of funding impedes scientific discovery that we desperately need to improve survival rates and to create more effective and less toxic treatments for our children.
Hope.   Cancer is truly horrible and the treatment is brutal.  It is more than losing your hair.  It changes your life, your hopes and dreams and your perspective.  If you were to visit  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), you might look around and feel sad.  However, after you have been there a bit you realize that although everyone is carrying around the burden of a child with a life threatening disease, they are also carrying around a big bag of hope.  And with hope comes love and a lot of positive energy.  Although I realize that hope, love and positive energy are not powerful enough to cure cancer on their own, I do believe that they are a vital member of any cancer fighting team.   When Scarlett and I come to MSK for treatment, I am inspired.  I am inspired to be a better person and to be a better mother.  There is a constant reminder to appreciate life.  Scarlett and I leave the hospital a little more humble than when we walked in and a little more tolerant of the world around us.   Scarlett talks a lot about what she will do when cancer is over.  She wants to eat copious amounts of sushi. She wants to visit her cousins in Texas.  She wants a sleepover. More than anything, she wants me to brush and braid her hair, put on her school uniform and go to school.  She misses playdates, horseback riding and swimming -  but she is happy.  Robert and I read to her a lot and her preferred book remains Harry Potter.  We play a LOT of board games.  Her new world is much different than her old world but Scarlett has adjusted well.  She understands that she has cancer.  She understands that things will get better. She understands that we are trying to make a difference for other children.  She just wishes that the change could happen today so that she could get back to being just another 7 year old girl in New York City.   Scarlett's faith in her recovery reminds me of the spring flower that comes back every year no matter how harsh the winter.  Hope is a beautiful thing.
The Scarlett Fund.  The Scarlett Fund is about pediatric cancer research. It's about pediatric cancer awareness and it's about hope.    While our family's primary focus is to support Scarlett as she battles lymphoma, we recognize the sacrifices children and families made before us to make Scarlett's treatment even possible.  We are  inspired to help the children that follow behind us with the hope that their treatment is less lengthy, less intense and less toxic.  We are inspired to do our part to help fight the battle and find the cure for pediatric cancer.    MSK has pioneered many of the advances that are today the standard of care for the treatment of pediatric cancers.  The Scarlett Fund will support those doctors and scientists at MSK as they strive to create more effective and less toxic treatments and ultimately, to eradicate cancer.  100% of every donation goes directly to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) for pediatric cancer research. 
We want to make a difference.  We need your help!
Our family is walking in the 2014 Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer to support Scarlett and the brave children of the 9th Floor of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. May 10th in Central Park will be a special day for Scarlett and all Kids with Cancer.  Join TEAM ROAR.  Help raise funds. Walk along with us.  Together, we will be heard.  Together, we will make a difference.
In the words of one of Scarlett's favorite Harry Potter characters, Albus Dumbledore, the wisest wizard of all time, "Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself."   CANCER.  Say it with me. Join. Help. Walk. 



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No Hassle Camping Adventure Near NYC

Camping is a great excursion to lead as a New York City parent and we have some awesome resources just a train ride away.

One of my favorite spots is Malouf’s Mountain Sunset Camp in the quaint town of Beacon, NY.  For both the experienced and novice this place is superb for it's convenience, comfort, cleanliness and overall vibe.   


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Making Mother’s Day

I was raised in a total DIY (do it yourself) family…  Basically, my mom’s motto was that if we could buy it, we could make it.  We turned jeans into purses, made pillows out of fabric scraps, fabricated belts out of pvc tubing, and of course, puffy painted our names and doodles on every blank slate we could find – sneakers, t-shirts, hats, bags, you name it… Practically everything I owned or wore had my personal touch to it and those pieces made me so proud to own, not just because they bore my rainbow-colored name all over them, but because I made them.


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Think Outside the Lunchbox

Need nutritious ideas for likeable lunches? Here are some flavor favorites you can add to your child's springtime lunch box: remember exposure to new flavors and textures are key to increasing your child's nutritional repertoire.


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Introducing Your Child to STEM May Be Simpler Than You Think

We all want our kids to be competitive. We all want our kids to get ahead. In doing so, we seem like we’ve entered the rat race on behalf of our kids before they even learn to walk. And you've probably heard about the push to create a more robust pipeline so that more students will study science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, fields when they get to college. But before you enroll your 18-month year old in an HTML for beginners course, here are some tips that we’ve seen from working 1-on-1 with schools on early childhood STEM education programs.


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Summer Adventures for Kids: Where to Go, What to Do and What to Wear

There may still be snow on the ground but its not too early to start planning some family fun in the sun. Before we know it school will be out and summer vacation will begin. New York City, the Hamptons and Adirondacks are some of the best places to be in the world during the summer months especially with kids. Here are some of my favorite places to stay, things to do and of course what your kids should wear while hopping around New York State.


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5 Under 5: Travel Snacks

Snacks on-the-go is a staple for busy families.  Prepared grocery snacks are often processed and full of sugar, but finding the time to make healthy ones at home can be difficult.  Here are five recipes for snacks with five minutes of preparation time or less.  After you prep, just pop them in the oven… Then enjoy, wherever you and your little ones decide to go!


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