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Organic Vegetable Farming with Farmer Frank

I’m an organic vegetable farmer, growing on 5 beautiful acres of farmland located in Amagansett, NY. My hours, and there are many of them, are spent working the soil and plants.  All my efforts, from dusk to dawn (and sometimes beyond) are directed towards a singular goal; to feed my customers the most nourishing vegetables possible.  


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Kids and Meditation

At age 22, I experienced meditation for the first time. In the midst of the chaos that was my life at the time, I found inner tranquility and stillness. I wasn’t aware of how badly I craved this tranquility, this very tangible and accessible peace, until I was taught how to do it. My first thought as I left the retreat and reoriented myself to my day to day life was “Why didn’t I learn this sooner?” That first experience amazed me. It altered the course of my career, it taught me a great deal about mindfulness and ...


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5 Fun Photo Tips for all Families!

With the summer in full gear, it’s the time to pull out your cameras and capture the beautiful memories that your children create.  What is the best way to capture your little moving targets who are always on the run? Alexandra Frumberg of ALX Creatives, a professional photography and design agency, compiled a few quick and easy tips for all photographers!


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Helpful Tips For Your Child's Oral Health

Stay away from sticky, chewy, gummy foods likes raisins, craisins, dried fruit, gummy vitamins, fruit leather.  These snacks are healthy for the body, but love to cause cavities to our teeth!


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Citibabes’ Annual Hamptons Family Fun Day and Trunk Show

Citibabes’ annual Hamptons Family Fun Day and Trunk Show at The Country Day School in Wainscott on Saturday, July 19th is going to the biggest and best day yet with children’s activities including tennis, soccer, music and crafts, as well as a full day of shopping, light bites, wine and gift bags. Tracey Frost Rensky, Citibabes’ founder, gives us the inside scoop on the event, now in its ninth year.


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Finding A Cure In Purple Shirts

Saturday June 14th marked the third race that I have ever participated in and the third season of my involvement with Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Moms In Training team.  I joined on a whim, because I needed to get healthier and I felt that I needed to spend a little time focusing on myself, even if it was just an hour a week.  Along the way, I met some amazing women, some of whom are currently watching their own babies, friends or family members suffer from leukemia.  I have been learning to run (well, I'm still working on ...


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STATE Bags - Fresh New Product, Just In Time for Citibabes' Hamptons Event!

Back in November, STATE popped up shop at Citibabes in Soho to showcase our bags and mission to give back to American children in need. The weeklong trunk show was not only a huge success, but a ton of fun as well, and we quickly felt like a part of the Citibabes family. We are thrilled to be back in the Citibabes mix as a part of the July 19th event, and even more excited to be presenting brand new product, fresh for back to school! 


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