Signature Classes

One of the most original and child-centered programs around, our classes and activities are innovative, enriching, and fun! From music and science to theater and everything in between, our signature classes will educate and entertain both children and adults. Classes are led by a diverse and highly educated group of teachers.

Our classes focus on the process, not the final product. We encourage children to get messy, move freely to the beat and explore the world around them in a safe, structured and, of course, fun environment. Our children's curriculum includes a wide range of diversified classes that entertain and educate both children and adults. Our classes include art, cooking, science, music, ballet, movement, language, family, and combination classes.

Signature classes are semester length, however some classes are offered on a drop-in basis. Please note that not all classes are offered every semester. For more information please call 212-334-5440 or email


We encourage little ones of all ages to learn, experiment and explore through art and a variety of its mediums.

Paint and Play, 18-24 mos, 2 yrs.
Children will get messy as they investigate textures, colors and shapes in a variety of mediums. In addition to a rotating array of sensory materials, each student will create a new project each week to take home and hang in their personal gallery.

CitiArt, 18-24 months old, 2 yrs.
Be creative, make a mess, and have fun in this class designed for our youngest artists. There will be several stations set up in the classroom to enable students to try their hands at a variety of mediums such as paint, dough, collage and sculpture. In addition,each class will complete a finished project to take home and display.

Green Art, 3 yrs., 4-5yrs.
Go green in this eco-conscious art class for our creative preschoolers. we will use natural materials, recyclables and a lot of imagination to create works of art from everyday items. Why throw it away when it can become a masterpiece?

Studio Art, 3 yrs, 4-5yrs
This new class for our oldest artists will provide hands-on opportunities to discover, experiment and gain visual appreciation with a variety of art materials. Each week, different visual reproductions of famous works are presented and students learn to discuss works of art with basic art vocabulary: line, shape, color, form balance and scale.


Pots and Pans, 2yrs
Budding gourmets experience the pleasures of the kitchen in this signature class. Delicious and healthful recipes come to life as children have the opportunity to use all of their senses while developing fine motor, math and social skills. Each class ends with a tasty morsel to take home while the semester ends with a completed cookbook to enjoy forever.

CitiChefs, 3 yrs.
You don't have to watch Top Chef to know that food science is where it's at these days. Tapping into that growing interest, we have created a new hour-long cooking and science combination class for our oldest learners. Join us each week as we explore through food,stories, experiments, hands-on investigation and activities while using materials found in the kitchen. Children will have fun creating delicious treats while tapping into the natural curiosity they have about the world around them. 

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S.H.A.R.E., 12-18 months & 18-24 months
Our first foray into structured play, this signature class provides the youngest learner with singing, healthy snacks, art or sensory activity, reading and exploration. A nurturing classroom environment encourages socialization, participation and imagination. It is a wonderful precursor to CitiSchool, Jr.

CitiStage, 3 years, 4-5 years
Designed for the creative preschool child, this class takes familiar stories and brings them to life using music, movement and games. Children will transform themselves into their favorite characters and create plays of their own. This class is a fun way for beginning actors to explore the joy of theater.


CitiDance: Ballet, 2 yrs. & 3 yrs. & 4-5 yrs.
Our most popular in-house dance class introduces children to the fundamentals of ballet in a positive and creative environment. The students develop an excellent foundation for future dance programs as well as a love for music and movement. Leotard, tights and ballet slippers required.

CitiDance: Jazz/Ballet, 5 yrs. - 7 yrs.
Through the use of music, imaginative games and props, children will explore the creative and expressive world of movement. A nurturing and supportive environment helps both boys and girls with body awareness, self-esteem and provides a fun activity for anyone who loves to move and shake.

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ABC Language Exchange
ABC Language Exchange is the top language school in New York City with a language program rated as “Best of New York” by New York Magazine. ABC is a locally- and women-owned business that has been serving New York for over 10 years. ABC has provided language programs for dozens of New York's top schools including Hewitt, Friend's Seminary, and PS 11. In addition, high-profile clients such as Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, and the cast of Damages have come to ABC for their language needs. Both Columbia Business School and NYU Stern Business Schools also use ABC as the sole provider of their language classes. For more information, please visit the ABC Language Exchange website.

Baby Sign, 6 months - 18 months
In these exciting classes you wil learn to effectively communicate through sign with your infant. Learn everything you need to know to get started, what to do, and the signs most relevant to babies. We will do fun activities with the babies to help you get the hang of things and there will be plenty of time to get all your questions answered. The classes will be a balance between discussion of how to use Bay Sign effectively and putting our new knowledge to use in songs and activities with the babies. There will be puppets who sign, catchy original Sing-Along-Songs, and bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles!

BoloBolo, 0-6 yrs.
Bolo Bolo offers a Hindi immersion class for children ranging in age from 0-6 years old. An integrated multisensory approach to teaching language is used; involving stories, yoga, movement, music, art and plenty of games. Our curriculum is immensely fun yet based on the latest research and techniques of teaching and acquiring a language.


From our littlest music makers to our oldest musicians, Citibabes offers a variety of music classes that will educate and entertain both children and adults.

Power Baby, 2-12 months
A series of physical play classes for our littlest members that promote strength and confidence through gross motor play, music, dance and social bonding.

Bouncing Babies, pre-mobile & 2-6 months
Join us for a gentle yet invigorating experience for pre-mobile babies. Each class begins with a relaxing massage and is followed by appropriate yoga postures which stretch and also strengthen baby's core. Music provides a variety of sounds, colors and textures while fun dance combinations explore rythym and movement. Learn new songs, make new friends, and watch your baby get a chance to flex their brain and muscle power with every stimulating activity.

Muscle Movers, mobile & 6-12 months
Your baby's strong core muscles help them sit up by themselves and now they're figuring out ways to explore the world on their own. This age group is wiggly and giggly and focusesd on grabbing everything in sight. Babies get right to work with upbeat boogies that condition the whole body. Musical activities give little hands a chance to shake and pound too. Babies get to bounce, roll and rock as they continue to develop their coordination, upper and lower body strength. The parachute and bubbles are always a pleasing (and popular) finale. 

Mighty Tykes, 12-18 months
We challenge toddler's newfound skills with dance "strolls" that emphasize rhythm and direction. Weekly obstacles are a fun and safe way for children to climb, bounce and slide. They wlil build strong muscles as they work over balls, through tunnels and under bridges. Watch how your children now shake the parachute and actively catch bubbles as they get bigger and more agile with every passing week! 

Music Makers, 12-18 months
Second in our series of three hands-on music classes, this installment allows the mobile child an opportunity to sing, dance and play with an array of instruments. Building on concepts and music introduced in Baby Beats, this next step exposes the toddler to more sophisticated props, materials, games and genres of music. Each class is accompanied by an improv-jazz pianist.

Big CitiRock
Remember when your iPod rocked out to Radiohead and the Ramones and now only "Rubber Ducky" seems stuck on repeat? We here at Citibabes know how painful a parent's playlist can be which is why Big CitiRock is just what the (Spin) Doctors ordered. This family-friendly, participation-heavy, performance class features several of Citibabes' resident rockers, and a set list that's sure to get fans waving their juice boxes to the jams. 

Mini CitiRockers
Citibabes brings the Roll to "rock-a-Bye-Baby" in this musical performance class for our youngest hipsters. Featuring all of the fun and none of the mosh pit. This is our quieter, gentler version of a family-style rock show. T-Rex becomes more than a dinosaur and The Beatles more than bugs. Participation encouraged, skinny jeans and Converse not required.

Join your favorite Citibabes teacher for a guitar or piano-led sing-a-long which will entertain through fun pairings of traditional children's songs, rock, folk and more.

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Think Tank, 2 yrs. & 3 yrs.
Come investigate water, sand, trees, rocks, volcanoes, living organisms and more in this signature, hands-on science class. Children will explore their natural world through experiments, stories and projects based on a weekly theme.

CitiScience, 3-5 yrs.
As a continuation of Think Tank, CitiScience delves deeper into the exploration of our environment, providing a hands-on science class that explores water, sand, trees, rocks, volcanoes, and living organisms. Children will continue to explore their natural world through experiments, stories, and projects based on a weekly theme.