Signature Classes

One of the most original and child-centered programs around, our classes and activities are innovative, enriching, and fun! From music and science to theater and everything in between, our signature classes will educate and entertain both children and adults. Classes are led by a diverse and highly educated group of teachers.

Our classes focus on the process, not the final product. We encourage children to get messy, move freely to the beat and explore the world around them in a safe, structured and, of course, fun environment. Our children's curriculum includes a wide range of diversified classes that entertain and educate both children and adults. Our classes include art, cooking, science, music, ballet, and movement, 

Signature classes are semester length. Please note that not all classes are offered every semester. For more information please call 212-334-5440 or email


We encourage little ones of all ages to learn, experiment and explore through art and a variety of its mediums.

CITIART I (12-24 months): CitiArt I is designed especially for our youngest artists as a multi-sensory learning experience! This class will engage all of your child’s senses in an exploratory fashion. Unique and fun materials are presented daily to enhance the hands-on nature of this art class. From textured paintings to artistic story time discoveries, your child is sure to have a sensational time as each sensory experience unfolds before their very own eyes, ears, nose and hands.

CITIART II (2 years): Children enrolled in CitiArt II are engaged in the process of decision making, problem solving and ultimately art making.  Each session is about the individualized experience of the materials around them through sensory based activities. The adults simply act as facilitators, safety keepers and gallery-viewers. Envision your child mastering his/her own creative ingenuity and becoming a true art maker in this fun and exciting class

CITIART III (3 years): CitiArt III is designed for our curious artists and provides hands-on opportunities to discover, experiment and gain visual appreciation with a variety of art materials.  Projects will include painting, collage, drawing, sculpting and building.  Different visual reproductions will be presented each week and students will learn to discuss works of art using basic art vocabulary: line, shape, color, form, balance and scale.

CITIART TOGETHER (mixed ages): Your family and friends will love making art together in this mixed age art class. This class will work on a wide array of art concepts and use all variations of art media to challenge the youngest to the oldest artists in the class. Suitable for siblings as well, this artistic experience will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to work together, learning to develop a sense of cooperative play while exploring their own art interests. *Siblings receive 30% off in Family Classes

ART MASTERS (4-6 years): Our oldest artists will dive into the art pool by learning about many famous artists from around the world. Each week the class will study artists such as Picasso and Pollack through technique and artistic style. They will not only create a piece inspired by the artist but they will develop an early appreciation for their works as well.

CitiStories (12-24 months): Calling all “Very Hungry Catterpillars”: Bring classical literary works to life through art and movement in this unique storybook experience. Children’s imaginations will soar as we delve into the worlds of Eric Carle, Dr. Suess, Ronald Dahl, Maurice Sendak and more.

ANIMAL SAFARI (2-3 Years) Is your child fascinated with animals? If so, then this is the perfect class for your child. Each week children will learn about different and exotic animals and their habitat. Children will create a piece of art based on the animal.  Along with the art project your child will take home a new found appreciation for the animals on our planet

PLANES, TRAINS and AUTOMOBILES (2-3 Years) Is your child in love with anything to do with transportation? If so, then this is the class for you! Throughout the semester children will explore all aspects of transportation from cars to trains to boats and more! Each week children will dive into the different types of transportation through specialized art activities as well as in-class experiments such as obstacle course and races.

SUPER HEROS (2-3 Years) Super Heroes are all the rage with boys these days so why not direct their energy in a fun and productive way! This class will explore all aspect of super heroes in a three day process. Day one children will brainstorm what kind of Super Hero they want to be with comic book inspired drawings. Day two children will create their very own costume for their Super Hero such as capes, wrist bands, and masks. Finally Day 3 the class will act out their own Super Hero action scene. Every three days the process will repeat and each child will develop a new character and story line.

SUPER HEROS (4-7 Years) Super Heroes are all the rage with boys these days so why not direct their energy in a fun and productive way! This class will explore all aspect of super heroes in a three day process. Day one children will brainstorm what kind of Super Hero they want to be with comic book inspired drawings. Day two children will create their very own costume for their Super Hero such as capes, wrist bands, and masks. Finally Day 3 the class will act out their own Super Hero action scene. Every three days the process will repeat and each child will develop a new character and story line.

CREATIVE KEEPSAKES (4-7 Years) Create one-of-a-kind keepsakes using mature materials such as clay, mosaics and wood. Children will create meaningful projects as they inspire their inner crafter through works such as Polymer Clay Votives, Basket Weaving, Mosaic Frames.


COOKING: POTS AND PANS (2 Years)  Budding gourmets experience the pleasures of the kitchen in this signature class. Delicious and healthful recipes come to life as children have the opportunity to experience cognitive and social learning opportunities through culinary arts. Each class ends with a tasty snack while the semester ends with a completed cookbook to enjoy forever.

COOKING: LUNCH BUNCH (3-6 Years) This 45 minute cooking class ends with a special luncheon for our little lads and ladies who lunch.   Children will learn to conceptualize a meal, follow recipes, how to properly set a table and proper table manners . First stop Café Citibabes, next stop, Cipriani.

COOKING: DINNER BUNCH (3-6 Years) You don't have to watch Top Chef to know that healthy cooking is where it's at these days. Focusing on conceptualizing a meal, following recipes, setting the table, manners and everything that goes into the perfect dining experience, this hour-long cooking class culminates in a dinner party each evening for our fine little diners.


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THINK TANK I (2-3 Years) Come investigate water, sand, trees, rocks, volcanoes, living organisms and more in this signature, hands-on science class.  Children will explore their natural world through experiments, stories and projects based on weekly themes such as Examining Seasons, Exploring Insects and Seeds and Growing.

THINK TANK II (3-5 years): As a continuation of Think Tank, CitiScience delves deeper into the exploration of our environment, providing a hands on science class that explores water, sand, trees, rocks, volcanoes, and living organisms. Children will continue to explore their natural world through experiments, stories, and projects based on a weekly theme.


CITIDANCE: BALLET: Our most popular in-house dance class introduces children to the fundamentals of ballet in a positive and creative environment.  The students develop an excellent foundation for future dance programs as well as a love for music and movement.  Leotard, tights and ballet slippers required.

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CITBITTY I (3-5 months): CitiBitty babies are learning about their environment, regulating their sleep and feeding schedules and bonding with the adults in their lives. Keeping this in mind, this class uses prop based play to help develop your little one’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional skills, creating opportunities that aid babies in reaching important developmental milestones. 

CITIBITTY II (Sitting Independently/5-8 months): As our Citibitties prepare to venture out into their environment, Citibitty 2 helps to develop early crawling skills. Each week we will focus on developing core muscle strength, tummy time, sitting balance ability and faux crawling exercises.  Babies will also work in groups, giving them an opportunity to observe their little baby peers at play hence developing their social skills. 

CITIBITTY III (Cruising/8-12 months): Citibitties are preparing for CitiSchool as they focus on building their non-verbal communication, walking skills and social-emotional development. Children will work on pulling to a stand, cruising, finger walking across soft surfaces and building lower body strength. CitiBitties will work in groups with obstacles and age-appropriate toys, encouraging social interaction and exchanges.

CITIMOVE I (12-18 months): Toddlers are building their walking skills as they bob and weave across our apartment floors.  We challenge their newfound walking skills with weekly obstacles that are fun and safe for children to climb, bounce and slide.  They will build strong muscles as they walk over balls, through tunnels and under bridges while developing motor planning and special awareness skills.

CITIMOVE II (18-30 months): Your toddler has mastered walking and now you can barely keep up!  We continue to challenge your child’s physical development with more advanced obstacles and equipment to keep them running, jumping and balancing with newfound strength and confidence. Climbing up, over, under and around while jumping across, through, in and out… our little ones can do it all!


From our littlest music makers to our oldest musicians, Citibabes offers a variety of music classes that will educate and entertain both children and adults.

CITIROCKERS (mixed ages): Remember when your iPod rocked out to Radiohead and the Ramones and now only "Rubber Ducky" seems stuck on repeat? We here at Citibabes know how painful a parent's playlist can be which is why CitiRockers is just what the (Spin) Doctors ordered. This family-friendly, participation-heavy, performance class features several of Citibabes' resident rockers, and a set list that's sure to get fans waving their juice boxes to the jams.

MINI CITIROCKERS (0-24 months): Citibabes brings the Roll to “Rock-a-Bye-Baby” in this musical performance class for our youngest hipsters.  Featuring all of the fun and none of the mosh pit.  This is our quieter, gentler version of a family-style rock show.  T-Rex becomes more than a dinosaur and The Beatles more than bugs.  Participation encouraged, skinny jeans and Converse not required.

CITISONGS (mixed ages): Join your favorite Citibabes teachers for a guitar or piano-led sing-a-long which will entertain through fun pairings of traditional children’s songs, rock, folk and more.

MUSIC MAKERS I (3-12 months): Music Makers I A musical journey for babies.  Spanning different genres and styles, the class is filled with sing-a-long songs, games and finger plays, all led by one of your favorite Citibabes teachers on guitar or piano.  Each class excites with rotating props and materials specifically designed for the very young baby.

MUSIC MAKERS II (12-24 months): Music Makers II allows the mobile child an opportunity to sing, dance and play with a varied array of instruments. Building on concepts and music introduced in Music Makers I, this next step exposes the toddler to more sophisticated instruments, materials, games and genres of music. Each class is accompanied by an improv-jazz pianist.

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