Our Philosophy

Citibabes is the only family membership club offering best-in-class education, amenities, information, and fun for both children and adults. Our SoHo club offers a 1,500 square foot indoor playspace, a full array of classes, preschool, a tumbling playroom, fitness gym and studio, birthday parties, childcare, ongoing family events, workshops, seminars, Junior's Fresh family friendly cafe and juice bar, and more! Simply put, Citibabes is the ultimate resource for modern families.

Citibabes is truly a special place. Our goal is to provide a nurturing and dynamic environment where children can learn, experiment and flourish. It is our hope that through various experiences with their children, parents and caregivers will gain a deeper understanding of their children's individuality and range of interests.

We provide the best resources for our families. At Citibabes, we have created a place that is modern and cool as well as child-friendly; a place that is pleasing to parents and creative and fun for kids. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a community where children and adults may grow and flourish together; and to make your job as a parent that much easier.