Jacoba Urist

“We joined Citibabes when our son was 4 months old and we literally have been there every week day since. It's an amazing opportunity for new york parents who don't always have the largest spaces for their kids to well, be kids in. We did a lot of the classes like music, and S.H.A.R.E class and so when it came time to look at preschools, I couldn't imagine not looking at CitiSchool. I have to say - it may just be the best kept secret in Manhattan. The class size, teachers, curriculum is on par with all those schools you hear so much about as being the best preschools in the city. Our child has loved every minute of his CitiSchool experience (as have we!). His teachers are so attentive to him and us - whenever we've had a question, I've gotten a phone call or email the same day and our son is sad when it's not a school day. If you live in lower Manhattan, you should seriously consider both Citibabes and CitiSchool - it really is a community of downtown parents and kids that exists no where else.”

Laura Martorella

“With 3 sons, Citibabes provides exactly what I need when I come into the club - a place for them to play and run, take out-of-the-box children's classes, and a community for myself.  My two oldest sons went through the CitiSchool 4s and the CitiSchool Masters program and absolutely loved it.  My husband and i were so impressed with the curriculum of CitiSchool.  It is quite special when your four year old comes home speaking of Greek mythology, Egyptian history, and the planets in our solar system.  Throughout the years, I have met close friends at Citibabes and enjoy seeing them both in and out of the club.  Not only do I take advantage of the children's amenities, but the adult offerings as well. And  I love that the Citibabes events calendar is always full for members - there is always something to do!  I look forward to watching my 3rd son grow up in Citibabes.”

Janine Zeccardi

“We joined Citibabes last summer after meeting with Keri Snyder about the Citischool program. Thanks to an overwhelming need by several families, Citibabes added an afternoon 2's program and welcomed us all into the club! Since that time our entire family has enjoyed countless hours at the club. Our 4 year old daughter takes amazing classes a few days a week like clay kids, CitiJewels, ballet and tap, and soccer. Our 2 year old runs into the club for his cooking class and think tank science class. We have found the staff and teachers to be extremely talented, caring, and always available to listen. Our children's education and safety is always a top priority. I feel confident knowing my children are learning and creating in a secure, kid friendly environment.”

“In addition to the kids programs, the club is a great place for adults too! I have finally been able to get back to taking care of myself thanks to the adult gym, personal trainers, and super convenient childminding! The new class room and expanded exercise and active programs for both adults and kids has really rounded out the offerings at Citibabes. We are at the club everyday and look forward to our visits. Thanks for creating a great club where our whole family can learn, have fun, and spend quality time together.”


Preeti Mattoo

“I realized early on that Citischool was the best pre-school choice for my family. My children have been Citischoolers’ from the earliest age possible. The teachers are nurturing, smart and focus on each child as an individual and the curriculum is rich in social, emotional and intellectual development. I have watched my little boys develop into independent and confident children who love going to school. It has been said that a love of learning is fostered at a young age and that is exactly what Citischool has offered my children.”

Hortense Gaffinel

“Our three children go to Citibabes/Citischool. Our twin boys (14 months) currently enjoy two weekly classes each at Citibabes and I can easily say, it definitely helps them to grow up and they’re already having a wonderful experience.”

“Our daughter is enrolled the CitiSchool 3s program. She is probably one of the youngest, and she wasn’t speaking English when she first started at CitiSchool. Thanks to the teachers and all the staff, in few weeks she had fully integrated into her class. Now she glows and she just loves her school.”

“The entire staff has been extraordinary. They are warm, friendly and appear to work closely on all aspects of the program. The teachers and the director genuinely care about the children and the whole school has a happy atmosphere. “We are very impressed with the program and would strongly recommend it. The program is designed to offer the children a variety of activities to enrich their learning experience. The real value is the people. Our children grow in confidence and have an appetite for knowledge. We cannot be more pleased with our time at Citibabes/Citischool.”

“Each of our children has very different personalities and needs, and they blossom with the positive and respectful ways the teachers instruct each child. We can easily say that if you are looking for a warm and nurturing environment as your child’s first school experience, Citibabes/CitiSchool is the right one. Your child will learn important life skills such as making friends, sharing and respect for others, as well as readiness skills, all the while building a positive self image, and they will receive a great foundation for learning and be transitioned to elementary school successfully…”

“CitiSchool is good for the whole family, we are looking forward to see our twins integrate the CitiSchool 2s program next year.”