Citibabes is a family membership club offering children and adults best-in-class education, amenities and fun! From Citibabes' indoor playground to "signature" classes, birthday parties and events, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate resource for the whole family. At Citibabes, we have created a place that is modern and cool as well as child-friendly, a place that is pleasing to parents and creative and fun for kids. But most of all, Citibabes members feel a part of a wonderful community you will not find elsewhere.

Citibabes is truly a special place. We endeavor to provide a nurturing and dynamic environment where children can learn, experiment and flourish. It is our hope that through various experiences with their children, parents and caregivers will gain a deeper understanding of their children's individuality and range of interests.

We know that parenthood can be isolating and challenging and also extremely rewarding. Our ultimate goal is to build a community for families that fosters a sense of identity and fellowship among its members. Our members appreciate the security and comfort of Citibabes, so that they feel at ease while their children play freely inside the club as if it's a second home.

A Citibabes membership is a family membership, just list all the members of your family who will be using the club (including all relatives and caregivers) and everyone will be welcome. Depending on your family's needs, there are several membership types and payment options to choose from. Call or click here to schedule a tour or signup.

With membership, you will enjoy access to all of your club's amenities including:

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We also offer the following services which are charged incrementally:

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